Thursday, October 28, 2010

'Chuck' New Yvonne Strahovski Interview

Q: Sarah Walker, especially for the first season, is pretty mysterious. Since the writers don't tell you details much in advance of an episode, how much of SW's past did you make up on your own to flush out the character? And have you adapted that as more is revealed?

Yvonne: I adapt to everything that is revealed in each script. Those pieces of information on my character that come from the writers are like little golden nuggets! But yes, I did have to create my own past at first. The main thing that I held onto for the beginning of the series, when I didn't know all that much about where they were going to take Sarah Walker, was that she was a spy, first and foremost. But that she was capable of love, because of Bryce Larkin, her old partner and lover. There is nothing normal about being a spy, but to Sarah Walker, being a spy WAS normal. Everything else was unfamiliar territory. Including relationships and love. But I knew that she always WANTED to have love and relationships. She just had to figure out how. And here we are - season four.

Q: What is your absolute favorite moment for Sarah Walker in the series?

Yvonne: I loved when Sarah was captured by Shaw in Paris and was drugged and helpless. It was so different from the usual ass-kicking I get to do. (Which I love too). My favorite fight scene to date was the cat walk fight scene with Karolina Kurkova. Another stand-out moment was shooting the flashback scene where I wore braces and a wig, and got to be Sarah at a young age. I LOVED it!!!

Q: Where do you want to see Sarah at the end of the series, emotionally and physically?

Yvonne: I'd like to see her be more open with her emotions and able to have a normal life with Chuck. I think Sarah has always longed for a 'normal' life, but has always been too deep in the spy world. Through the seasons I think we have seen her come out of shell a little more as each episode goes by.

Q: Do you have any similarities with Sarah Walker? Any trait that's completely different?

Yvonne: I like being active! That's one similarity! And, well, the biggest difference? I don't really know how to operate all those fancy guns :)

Q: The fight scenes look so real. Have you ever connected with someone when you were fighting?

Yvonne: I once tapped someone on the nose with my foot when I was kicking them in the face. Other then that I've been pretty good!

Source: swfangirls