Thursday, October 28, 2010

'Merlin' Major Spoilers for Episodes 11, 12, and 13

Episode 10 Spoilers

This is the episode with the Old Merlin.

Old Merlin is portrayed by Colin Morgan and wears one of Gaius’s red robes.

Episode 12 Spoilers

Guest stars include Eoin Macken as Gwaine, Emilia Fox as Morgause and Michael Cronin as Geoffrey of Monmouth.

Geoffrey of Monmouth presides over Morgana’s coronation.

Men dressed like the mercenaries from the first two episodes this season are in the great hall during the coronation.

At some point a saddened Uther is brought into the great hall and forced to appear before the sisters.

Morgana’s choice of outfit at her coronation is the costume some fans refer to as the white mermaid dress.

Morgause wears a robe over her red dress.

Black banners with a red tree are displayed in the great hall.

As Geoffrey places a crown on Morgana’s head, Morgause holds Uther’s crown in her hands.

Morgana takes a seat on the middle throne in the great hall.

Merlin, Arthur and Gwaine are horrified by something they see in the woods.

Morgana’s coronation was filmed on September 13 and the scene with the boys in the woods on September 14.

Episode 12 Speculation

In The Crystal Cave, during the glimpse of the future, Gwen is seen standing near Morgana who is wearing a crown suggesting she’s already been crowned queen of Camelot. Gwen doesn’t seem to be at Morgana’s coronation in Episode 12, unless she doesn’t attend or is hidden from camera view. If it turns out Gwen isn’t in Camelot at that point, was the vision from the cave filmed just for

The Crystal Cave and not actually from the last episodes? Since all signs point towards Gwen discovering Morgana is a traitor in The Eye of the Phoenix, unless she’s being held there against her will, why would she stay in Camelot if the others are on the run?

We just hope, whenever she discovers Morgana’s new nature, Gwen is written to have some emotional turmoil over the fact she’s turned traitor. Considering they were friends for many years, it would be a horrible move on the part of the series to show us Gwen going from aware that Morgana is acting strangely, yet still caring about her a great deal, to so suddenly joining Gaius’s Morgana is Evil and Good for Nothing Fanclub.

We really hope that Arthur and Uther aren’t the only ones written to have some emotional turmoil when the truth about Morgana is revealed. Gwen having some emotional turmoil about it is a must. And we doubt we’ll be the only upset fangirls if the emotional turmoil over Morgana’s betrayal turns into a boy’s only club.

Unless the series pulls some kind of huge shocker, which in this case seems unlikely, it’s safe to assume Morgause is not pregnant and the robe is doing the best job a robe can to hide it.

Are the men at the coronation Cenred’s mercenaries? Or have Morgause and Morgana hired some mercenaries from the same stock?

Is the red tree the symbol of the Bloodguard or House of Gorlois?

Episode 13

Guest stars include Santiago Cabrera as Lancelot, Eoin Macken as Gwaine, Rupert Young as Sir Leon, Tom Hopper as Percival, Adetomiwa Edun as Elyan and Emilia Fox as Morgause.

Percival is ripped.

The Roundtable will appear. There is a chalice on it in front of Merlin who is standing next to Arthur and Gwen.

Arthur and his loyalists take refuge at what look to be ruins. The loyalists are Merlin, Gwen, Gaius, Gwaine, Lancelot, Elyan, Sir Leon and Percival.

Elyan can’t decide if he’s a sword-man or an ax-man.

Gwen is accompanied by Sir Leon, Lancelot, Elyan, Percival and Gwaine. They are all riding horses and the guys are dressed as knights, complete with red capes, while Gwen’s wearing her costume from The Castle of Fyrien. Arthur who is not dressed up like a knight is waiting for Gwen.

Arthur gives Gwen a kiss in the courtyard at Camelot while Lancelot, Sir Leon, Elyan, Gwaine, Percival and a stable boy look on.

Some scenes were filmed at the studio in Cardiff on August 25, 2010 and others at another location on August 31, 2010.