Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New 'Brothers and Sisters' Spoilers from Ausiello

Question: After watching this week’s episode of Brothers & Sisters I’m scared for the future of Kevin and Scotty. Please tell me they’ll live happily ever after! —Stucky
Ausiello: B&S showrunner David Marshall Grant sure isn’t talking like it’s the end. “This isn’t so much about the crisis itself,” he says, “as it is about watching two people fight their way through it.” BTW, we’ll met the “other man” this Sunday, and he’s going to look a lot like Ryan Abbot from Three Rivers (a.k.a. Christopher Hanke).

Question: Like, joking aside, what’s happened to all the Brothers & Sisters scoops?! Please! I’m desperate! —Sophie
Ausiello: As my frenemy first scooped, Balthazar Getty is returning in January for the show’s 100th episode. And per Grant, he’ll be sticking around for a while. “He’s coming back for [at least] three episodes,” says the boss, who confirms that Tommy returns with a new girlfriend on his arm. “It causes a big stir in the Walker family.”