Monday, November 22, 2010

'Grey's Anatomy' New Spoilers and Scoops

Betty: Got any Grey's Anatomy scoop?
Sure do! Fresh off her stint as Hellcats director, the amazing Ms. Debbie Allen is working behind the camera on Grey's Anatomy—and of course, Shonda Rhimes has already taught her the art of the dodgeful tease. "It is a big episode," Debbie laughs. "It might be the biggest episode of the season—I think it is! I love the cast. They are so much fun—Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Sara Ramirez, Sarah Drew, Kevin McKidd, Chandra Wilson. I had a scene today with all of them in one scene, and it was wonderful." And if you happen to be an L.A. local, you may want to watch Ms. Allen, Raven-SymonĂ© and Urkel himself, Jaleel White, live and in-person in her upcoming production of The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker. "It's a wonderful retelling of The Nutcracker in a new way, and it is so much fun. What a family, holiday treat this is going to be for all those who come to Royce Hall at UCLA December 9 and 11."

Rebecca: Please tell me Cristina will get her stuff together on Grey's Anatomy and return to her job soon! I love her fierce + fearless.
Good news: A source spotted Sandra Oh (Cristina) back at Seattle Grace Hospital for a recent shoot, so it looks like that fishing trip with Derek (that they shot a couple weeks ago in Big Bear, Calif.) may have worked some McMagic for her. By the way, in case you missed it, a fan asked Shonda Rhimes on Twitter why Derek seems to care more about Yang's PTSD than Meredith's miscarriage and she replied: "Umm..because Cristina saved his life & no one held a gun to Mer's head, gave her PTSD and made her unable to operate. Because he is being optimistic about future babies."

Danica: Will Meredith and Derek get hitched this season?
Nope. Again, per Shonda: "Mer and Der are as married as they are gonna get. I love them together and I love them together on a Post It."

Source: EOnline