Monday, November 22, 2010

More Information on 'Walking Dead' Season Two

@saarele (via Twitter): The Walking Dead—will we have to wait almost a year for season 2?!?!!
It looks that way. While one staffer speculates that The Walking Dead will return in November 2011, here is AMC's response when we contacted them today: "We have not yet announced when the next season will go into production or when it will air. Still TBD at this point!" Our guess is that unless they plan to spend the season indoors at the CDC, producers are going to torture the actors again by filming during another Atlanta summer. Jon Bernthal (Shane) told us, "I gotta say this was every bit as physically demanding and intense" as his World War II miniseries The Pacific. Juan Gabriel Pareja (Morales) adds, "We were in some really uncomfortable situations in the summer heat in Atlanta"—the actors' sweat and grime was 100 percent authentic.

Source: EOnline