Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Smallville' Various Spoilers From Different Sources

@Maddieville (via Twitter): Anything about Clark's arc in Smallville, not romance related? Thanks.
Smallville bosses Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson tell us the second half of the season will really round out Clark's journey. Says Kelly, "We'll see some familiar faces again, and as we've always said, Clark has to get closer and closer to being Superman. We'll be seeing little hints about that throughout the rest of the season. Adds Brian, "There's also a wink to a Clark-Lois moment in episode 12 (airing early 2011) that the fans have been screaming for!" Bring a throat lozenge. And oops, sorry, crap. That was romance-related, wasn't it? Yipes. And so is the photo I just selected?! Bad TV diva, bad!

Loved Aquaman's return to Smallville! Anyone else coming back? — Jo
NATALIE: Add both Hawkman and the Black Canary to the list of supers we'll see before the series ends. It's too soon to say anything definitive about such other Justice League members as Cyborg and Bart Allen, but Kara's return is "up in the air," according to executive producer Brian Peterson.

Brandon: Can you tell us anything about Annette O'Toole's return to Smallville? Does it have to do with Clark's engagement?
You're half-right, but Smallville boss Kelly Sounders tells us, "Right now the heroes are under a lot of scrutiny, so Martha's the powerful woman we set her up to be. We last saw her as the Red Queen and when we see her again she's just as strong and powerful and has just as much of an impact on Clark's life." Look for Annette's return in episode 13.

@JanelleCottrell (via Twitter): Will the Martian Manhunter be coming back to Smallville?
Sorry to disappoint, but I'm told there are no plans for a return