Sunday, November 28, 2010

SONYA THOMPSON Talks 'Walking Dead'

Entertainment Weekly: How did you get the Walking Dead gig?
ST: I was also a zombie on Zombieland and the agency that got me that audition said, “Hey, you’ve been chosen to be a zombie in The Walking Dead.” It just went from there. I attended zombie school, where they taught you how to move, and where they chose their 20 core zombies that were going to be featured.

EW: Is it worrying that you’ve been cast as a zombie twice?
ST: It is kind of a joke for me. Because I was also a zombie in Night of the Jackals, which is this little independent thing. Then I went to Zombieland, and in [TV movie] Ben 10 I was kind of like a zombie too. So when I got this one I was joking with the casting company that they were type-casting me. [Laughs]

EW: Is it true you’ve started to get invited to conventions.
ST: I have been invited to the Atlanta Comic Con, which is next weekend, and I’ve also been invited to one in Nebraska and that’s in June. The zombie thing seems to be really working for me. Hey, if I’ve got it, I’ve got it, right?

Source: Entertainment Weekly