Monday, November 29, 2010

"Walking Dead" Writer Robert Kirkman Talks Last Night's Episode

EW: Moving on to episode five, does it make me a bad person that I could watch Norman Reedus swing a pick axe into dead people’s skulls all day long?

RK:I just think it makes you a human being. [Laughs] Honestly, his character is one of my favorites on the show and it pisses me off that I can’t go back in time and put him in the comic.

EW: I found the whole sequence in which Andrea waited for Amy to return as a zombie both incredibly emotional and utterly nerve-shredding. To be honest, I was just sitting there going, “Shoot her! Shoot her!!!”
RK:It was honestly one of my favorite scenes of the show so far. Glen Mazzara, who wrote that episode, did an amazing job hyping the tension up. Laurie Holden did a great job and then Emma doing her zombie transformation — it was really cool.

EW: Another memorable moment was when Carol made sure that hubbie Ed wasn’t going to be coming back from the dead to abuse her some more.
RK:That scene where she goes a little crazy on his corpse was another great thing that Frank suggested. In the comic book series, it was mentioned that Carol’s husband Ed died by getting killed by zombies and that he was abusive to her and she felt guilty because she was actually happy when he died. But it was never shown. That was another thing Frank was able to pull from the comic book series and expand.

EW: There was lots of talk in the episode concerning what to do with the bodies of the dead. That seems to be at the very heart of what you’ve always said you intended The Walking Dead to be about, which is how you hold on to your humanity in such a terrible situation.
RK: Yeah. I agree.

EW: Having said which, I’m definitely with Daryl about needing to deal with the threat of people coming back as zombies as quickly as possible. If it was you and me in an undead apocalypse and you even got a sniffle of a cold, I would shoot you immediately, just in case.
RK: Well, I think that means you’re a bad person. No, I really like these scenes. You know, Glenn coming out and yelling like he did — I like that we’re starting to see these characters transform and to a certain extent growing into the characters they [become] in the comic book series. I can’t wait to see more of it.

EW: Although I assume Glenn is still carrying around Merle’s severed hand in his backpack.
RK: That thing will pop up when you least expect it. He’ll go, “Pork and beans? Oh, I have a can of pork of beans right here in my bag. Let me get that out of there… Arrrgh! There’s a severed hand still in there!!!”

Source: Entertainment Weekly