Friday, January 14, 2011


The first thing to escape Mayim Bialik’s mouth when asked about The Big Bang Theory’s upcoming Jan. 20 episode, “The Love Car Displacement,” is a soft giggle. When merely thinking about an episode makes a cast member laugh, I call that a very good sign of impending hilarity.

“It’s ridiculous,” she says. “I think [the traveling] is part of the fun of this episode. There are a lot of car scenes. So you get to see what happens when you put different combinations of our characters in cars.”
And while Bailik welcomes the chance to work with some of the other characters “outside of the Cheesecake Factory,” the actress says we can (naturally) expect the opposite of flexibility from Sheldon as the gang travels away from their usual, well-controlled stomping grounds.

“The [car seating assignments] were set up and designed by Sheldon. In an earlier script, he had some point system by which he assigned how much he could tolerate people. [Laughs] But now they have it that he selects who goes where, and then you get to see what hijinks ensue and the sort of games they like to play in the car and what the characters like to do to pass the time on the way to Big Sur,” she says.

The episode also features a guest spot from Rick Fox as Bernadette’s ex-boyfriend and many more close encounters of the nerd-tastic kind as Amy struggles once again to “be a part of something” with the girls.

“Things are getting weirder and weirder between Amy and Penny because Amy really wants to be her friend. There’s a lot of social awkwardness,” Bailik dishes. “But I think we’ve seen a lot more flavor to her character brought out by [Penny]. I like to joke that maybe I’ll kiss someone else before I kiss Sheldon. So maybe it’ll be Penny.”
Don’t worry Sheldon/Amy ‘shippers, Amy’s still got her eyes on the males. Um, in fact…
“I get to say the word ‘penis’ more than once in the episode. That’s kinda bizarre,” she says`, laughing. “So stay tuned to why I get to say ‘penis’ more than once.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly