Monday, January 10, 2011

'Brothers and Sisters' New Scoops on Olivia

Vic: On Brothers & Sisters, please tell me Olivia isn't sticking around! I can't help but think she's the second coming of Cousin Oliver and no good for the quality of upcoming storylines.
Sorry, fellow Brady fan (I salute you! And throw a football at your nose!), but I'm hearing that Kevin and Scotty will adopt Olivia, so she'll be around for a good while. I also hear there's some weird guy lurking in the background of that storyline we'll have to watch out for. In other news, Kitty is back in a few episodes (for you wondering, Calista just took a breather because she wanted to shoot fewer episodes this season), and Justin will befriend a veteran, but he reveals he's starting to have nightmares.

Source: EOnline