Monday, January 3, 2011

'Friday Night Lights' New Spoilers

Andy (via Twitter): Friday Night Lights please!OK, you know how when you watched Julie (Aimee Teegarden) get herself into a straight-up sticky situation involving her T.A. you thought to yourself, "OMG, this will not end well!?" You were right. Derek will continue to make things complicated for poor ol' Jules, especially when he stops by the Taylor household. Daddy Eric (Kyle Chandler) isn't exactly toting a shotgun, but he is armed and ready to rumble. P.S. Don't you dare blink during the final moments of the episode!

Trisha: What's up with my favorite TV QB: Vince on Friday Night Lights?I'll tell you one thing: I'm surprised Vince (Michael B. Jordan) can still fit his helmet on that swelled up-head of his. The dude's ego is freakin' out of control, and you can bet that the rest of the Lions aren't taking too kindly to his new superstar image. It's like Smash 2.0 (for all you veteran FNL watchers), except Tim Riggins isn't here to knock some sense into Vince. And things get extra ugly after the QB comes back from an "unofficial" college visit.