Monday, January 10, 2011

'Grey's Anatomy' New Spoilers for Upcoming Episodes

Helen: Please can we get some good Grey's Anatomy scoop? Can you debunk the rumor that Callie is pregnant? Please! Dying here.
I can't debunk it, sorry, but I have heard that Callie will actually serve as the catalyst for the musical episode—meaning, that everyone is singing because of something important that is going on with Callie. It sounds to me like it might be either a dream, or something going on inside her head, which would make sense, since everyone under the sun knows that a Grey's musical episode must heavily feature the voice of the phenomenally talented Sara Ramirez. (I've heard Sara perform live and, trust me, if ever there were a reason to do a musical episode of any show, her voice is it. It's like butter dipped in magic!)

Deirdre: What's up for Grey's this week? Anything juicy?
Hearing really good things about this week's episode, and there will be at least one moment that will have everyone talking the next day (trust!). The moment isn't this one, but Bailey will get some serious smoochery, though it doesn't go over so well. Also, as the promo showed you, the race for chief resident is already on (as in, before the beginning of this episode), and guess who's been doing some spying? Hint: more than one character!

Beatrice: Will Meredith get pregnant? I feel like she might get pregnant again. How about some Meredith scoop for a change?!
From what I hear, it isn't happening anytime soon, but be patient! Mer and Der are obviously still hoping—and you shouldn't give up hope either.