Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Pretty Little Liars spoilers from Winter TCA

From the Winter TCA:

* As far as how closely the show is following the books, Goldstick says that the writers try to stay true to the novels, but admits that “If we paid strict allegiance to the books, we’d be done in one season.” He promised some “detours and surprises along the way,” and King assured the audience that they have “plenty of mystery for four or five years.” Of concerns about diverting from the books, King said that the goal is to stay true to the characters.

* Don’t count on finding out who “A” is anytime soon. The show-runners are adding suspects who aren’t in the books, but still paying homage to the characters that are there. So “A” might be someone we haven’t even met yet. Tricky!

Via Marlene King's twitter:

* You do not to watch the last five minutes of next week's episode if you are alone.

* for all the Ella fans I will tell you, in #PLL 114 she comes face to face with "a" and it's awesome. #PLL

* “Toby is cuter than cute and in this episode you will get to see him shirtless. Damn! I'd like to keep secret but this is PLL. Toby is lying in a bed next to a LIAR.

* Just watched 119,which you won't see for 8 more weeks, but it's worth the wait. Great mystery and uber romantic. I'll just say, OMG x 10!

* “Thanks to all for the merry wishes. Off to write #PLL season finale tomorrow. I promise an episode that you won't want to watch alone!”

* Had to leave the fam for a few days to finish #pll finale. Miss them terribly but I had a smile on my face all day. The mystery is epic in this one and the characters are killing me. I want to cry for one, marry one, die for one and hold one all night long. Then I want to figure out how to get the one I'm crying for hooked up with the one I want to hold all night. I should probably leave the cave and see humans tomorrow.