Thursday, January 13, 2011

'Pretty Little Liars' Hanna and Sean Scoops

“As much as I want Sean to tune in and realize how she’s feeling, he has a lot of difficulty doing that,” Chuck tells in a new interview. ”Think about everything Hanna’s going through — the last thing she needs is a boyfriend that is just not getting it.”

He also says.”I just want Sean to ask her, ‘Why are you doing this? There has to be a reason you’re behaving this way!’”

And here is something new about Lucas as well!

“After last week’s episode — when Lucas revealed what he did with Alison’s monument — there’s a lot of distance between Lucas and Hanna,” Chuck tells HollywoodLife. “That definitely puts things in Sean’s favor. … Lucas will have to make amends.”

“I don’t even think [Sean] signed her cast, for one thing,” Chuck admits. Had Sean looked at Hanna’s cast and noticed the scary message from “A,” Chuck says he would have been a good boyfriend and suggested Wite-Out.

Should things totally fall apart between Hanna and Sean, Chuck says Sean isn’t likely to move on with any of the other three main Liars. “It would be a character you’d never expect,” he tells us. “Like Mona.”

Source: hollywoodlife