Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'Pretty Little Liars'' A New Love For Emily?

Shay Mitchell sat down with Zap2it at the winter TV critics press tour where she spilled on what's ahead for Emily after hearing her mother say that. "It's going to be very tough. It's going to be one of the dilemmas Emily is dealing with right now," she says. "She is trying to be true to herself and see where this thing goes with Maya, but at the same time it's kind of difficult when you're still at home."

So what is ahead for Emily and Maya? Brace yourselves "PLL" fans because Mitchell hints very tough times are ahead for the couple. "There's a big twist. There's a big turn," she reveals. "Their relationship is very special. This is Emily's first big relationship. She's still very young, as are all the girls. and they're still figuring themselves out. There will be other love affairs."

So who could this other love affair be? We asked Mitchell about upcoming guest star Lindsey Shaw and whether or not her character could possibly be Emily's new love interest. Shaw plays Paige, a member of the swim team who feels threatened when Emily rejoins the team.

"You definitely get to see Emily's competitive side and you haven't see that in awhile. She gets back in the water and Paige brings out a really competitive streak in Emily," she tells us. "It's kind of an added stress if she can even handle anymore. It's a very interesting dynamic they have." Mitchell would only say Paige is "kind of separate" from Emily's coming out storyline.

Source: zap2it