Thursday, January 6, 2011

Skins Generation 3 in FHM Magazine

Every two years the cast of Skins changes to mark the students leaving sixth form.
And the new cast of the Channel 4 show has now been revealed, with a metalhead, a rugby captain and an Audrey Hepburn wannabe in the mix.
The eight new characters have been unveiled ahead of the fifth series' premiere on January 27, and pose wearing a selection of preppy clothes for the new issue of FHM magazine.

But Sebastian D Souza, who will play Matty, admits he was concerned about telling his parents he had won a part in the show because of the programme's raunchy nature.

He said: 'I only told my mum I'd been cast, so she didn't think I'd become a druggie in Bristol or something.
'Matty is ambiguous within the group, which is why he doesn't have a surname. He affects each of the characters without meaning to.'

Laya Lewis, who stars as Liv Malone, added: 'I'm from Bristol and for the first series the casting director came to my school, but I chickened out of the auditions.

The eight starring roles are all very different, and the actors explained their characters' different characteristics.
Dakota Blue Richards, who plays Frankie Fitzgerald, said: 'Frankie starts as an outsider and has lots of conflicts with Mini.

'She's grown up in the care system and never had a family. She now lives with two adoptive gay dads. There's also a sex scene that hints as Frankie's dark past.'

Alex Arnold, who plays Rich Hardbeck, has the task of taking on the show's metalhead, explaining: 'Rich is - as his name describes - really middle class.

'He's tried to escape by wrapping himself in the lyrics of Slayer. He's a metalhead, so I wear a long wig in the show.'

Jessica Sula, who stars as Grace Violet, is the show's resident female heartthrob, and said: 'Grace by name, grace by nature.

'She's really fun to play. Her character is inspired by iconic people, like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.'

Sean Teale, who plays Nick Levan, also described his character, explaining: 'Nick's the rugby captain. Mini is his girlfriend. On my first day I was stood in tight purple boxers getting puked on. And I smashed up houses on my last day.'

The fifth series also features a cameo appearance from a very famous model-turned-actress.
Freya Mavor, who plays Mini McGuinness, said: 'Mini is very determined and a bit of a b***h. Kelly Brook plays my fitness instructor. It makes sense, since she's so hot. It was funny working with her; the crew had their jaws by their knees.'

--Daily Mail

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